Art Instructors


A graduate of Auburn University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Robert Papier has spent the past 40 years in advertising, but his passion has always been painting... especially portraits of everyday real people. After going through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where he still lives, he was taken by the faces of the people as they rebuilt their homes and lives. Many of whom he painted. The experience convinced him to leave advertising behind and pursue a path that feeds his passion for painting and his love of people. Visit his website to view some of these portraits.


Valerie Corradetti is an artist living and working in New Orleans, LA.  Her main focus is on the power of landscape and its ability to represent a full range of ideas; the reality of beauty, the mundane, a promise of the future, and the unknown. Through visual metaphor, she explores our increasingly stressed and distant relationship to the natural world, attempting in her own way to make nature seem more tame and alluring.  She recently received her M.F.A. from the University of New Orleans.



PAMELA CONWAY CARUSO Pamela Conway caruso
Pam describes herself as a “nature-inspired New Orleans artist.” She is a sixth generation New Orleans native with a varied and expansive career in art, including biological illustration, medical art, freelance advertising (art direction, illustration, graphic design), and art education. Most recently she has focused upon incorporating contemporary, non-traditional printmaking with line art and mixed media, often with whimsy. Besides drawing from nature, Pam's personal interests include photography, gardening and a passionate love of dogs. Learn more HERE.