Teen Fit

Teen Fit


The JCC Teen Fit Program is an educational series of fitness sessions designed to show 12-15 year old teens how to safely and properly use the equipment in the fitness center.  The program consists of four evening sessions (session times are based on child's schedule) carried out by the Assistant Wellness Director or another member of the JCC Fitness Staff.  Three of these sessions will get the teen familiar with a particular set of exercises to work the main muscle groups of the body.  The fourth and final session will be an assessment of the teen’s knowledge of both the proper use of the equipment as well as the simple fitness physiology taught during the sessions.  Upon completion of the program, the teen will receive his/her Teen Fit card.  This card will allow the teen to work out in the fitness center without adult supervision.  This card must be brought along with a membership card until the teen turns 16, in order to be allowed into the fitness center.  


Price:  $100.00

Ages: 12 to 15


For more information contact the Wellness Directors.

UPTOWN: Katie Kiefer at 504.897.0143 or katie@nojcc.org

METAIRIE: Denise Thornton at 504.887.5158 or denise@nojcc.org