The Value of Camp



The Value of the JCC Camp Experience

Camp matters.  It makes a difference.  Camp allows children, youth, and adults to form a special community where great things happen.  In an environment created just for them, children learn real life skills, develop self-esteem, and build their own sense of independence.

Enriching Lives through the JCC Camp Experience

The camp experience produces many positive outcomes for children. Camp can foster:

  • Self-identity
  • Self-worth
  • Self-esteem
  • Leadership
  • Growth in personal skills and competencies  

JCC Camp Gives Kids a World of Good

The American Camp Association (ACA) recently implemented the largest and most comprehensive study of the camp experience ever conducted in the United States.  The results of the research confirm that camp builds the kind of skills that help children become successful adults.

Campers Say—

  • Camp helped me make new friends  (96%)
  • Camp helped me to get to know kids who are different from me.  (93%)
  • The people at camp helped me feel good about myself.  (92%)
  • At camp, I did things I was afraid to do at first.  (74%)

Parents Say—

  • My child gained self-confidence at camp.  (70%)
  • My child continues to participate in some of the new activities he or she learned at camp.  (63%)
  • My child remains in contact with friends made at camp.  (69%)

The Long-Lasting Benefits of JCC Camp

For more than 150 years, JCC camps have been changing lives.  Camp is full of fun and excitement, but it is so much more—developing children who are better equipped to lead in the twenty-first century with skills such as independence, empathy, the ability to work as part of a team, and a broader world view. Camp challenges children, keeps them engaged, develops creativity and their talents, and expands their horizons.