Pasternack Family Gymnasium Renovation Updates

Saturday, December 15
We had hoped to open the Uptown gymnasium this week, but construction delays have pushed back that timetable a bit. As weather affects drying time, the specific date cannot be pinpointed. However, we are working hard to open by the end of the year.  
Rather than just replace the section of flooring damaged by the water leak, we are upgrading the entire court. The 50-year-old original flooring has been removed and new maple flooring has been installed and sanded. The substructure under the court has two advantages over the old floor. First, they laid it in such a way that air can be pumped under it so that we can dry the floor should there ever again be moisture issues. More importantly for players, the flooring is easier on the knees and better to play on than the old court. In the end, the gym will accommodate both full and half court games, as well as volleyball and pickleball.  
At this stage, the floor has to be cleaned and then the lines painted. That process begins this week. Once the paint has dried, two more coats of varnish are required to seal the floor. So, we're close, but not quite there yet.
We know everyone is anxious to get back in the gymnasium and really appreciate your patience as we upgrade the court. In the meantime, please keep in mind that all members are welcome to play at the Metairie J. We will keep you updated as the final stages of the renovation are completed. 

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