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Celebrating the Joys of Childhood & Encouraging the Independence of Youth

clientuploads/childrens&teens/IMG_1142.jpg For decades, New Orleans families have trusted the JCC with their children, and we have responded with a year-round mix of camps, clubs, classes, sports leagues, sock hops and enrichment activities. Designed to guide youngsters from toddlerhood through driving lessons, the JCC’s fun-filled programs help teens and younger children build new friendships, new skills and new confidence. For parents, the JCC youth programs provide equally potent dividends, helping to lift the day-to-day burdens of childcare, while ensuring that their children experience the fellowship that binds our community.


No Sukkah? No Problem!


With temperatures in the 90s, it is easy to forget that fall is here. Fortunately, we have the holiday of Sukkot to remind us that the harvest season has begun. 



New Recipes for the New Year

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, all we can think about are apples and honey!

Rosh Hashanah - “head of the year”- commemorates the creation of the world. Traditionally, apples and honey are eaten to represent our hope for a sweet year of health and peace. Dipping apples in honey is delicious, and here are few creative recipe suggestions to help kick this duo up a notch.


National Coloring Book Day

We love to celebrate here at the JCC, and we also look for any opportunity to be creative. Join us for a coloring break in The Nosh of the Uptown JCC for National Coloring Book Day on August 2. We’ll have a table with crayons and JCC-themed coloring sheets. Can’t make it to the JCC? Download and print our coloring sheets. We’d love to see your artwork, so be sure to tag us and use hashtag #nojcc on social media!


Finding Your Fit Foods

Creating a lifestyle, rather than a diet, will give you the flexibility to make healthy choices while still enjoying what you eat. Sometimes the hardest part about eating healthfully is simply knowing what will taste good without packing on the pounds. Check out some of the healthy recipes recommended by Metairie Wellness Director Alexis Boudreau to get started and get cooking!


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