Our Philosophy in Action

Our Philosophy in Action

clientuploads/Webpage Images/EC_Philosophy_WithLink.jpgAfter working with thousands of happy, successful students, the JCC Nursery School has its own ideas about the best way to educate girls and boys — ideas that emerge from collective experience as teachers and some fundamental research about the ways young children actually learn. The JCC aims to teach the “whole child” by directly engaging youngsters in a full range of physical, emotional, social and cognitive experiences. This approach recognizes that children are always learning, and that learning proceeds best when teachers follow developmentally appropriate practices. That means working closely with individual students, seeking to tap the natural curiosity and energy that abounds in every child.

Visit the school and you’ll see children engaged in group and individual activities — some led by teachers, some initiated by students themselves. If that joyous whirl often resembles playtime, it’s playtime with a purpose. Classrooms and curriculum are designed to encourage youngsters to explore their full potential. Traditional academic subjects are blended into everyday classroom activities — from counting games to story time — letting children discover the pleasures of mathematics, literacy and problem-solving through directed play. Specialists support JCC teachers with lessons devoted to music, physical education and reading and math readiness. Here children learn to cooperate with each other, and acquire the social skills that allow them to succeed in later years. They get freedom and responsibilities — and learn to balance both with help from teachers who encourage creativity, independence, patience and respect for others.

For more information about the JCC Nursery School, contact the Nursery School Director, Adrienne Shulman, at 897.0143 or adrienne@nojcc.org.


No Sukkah? No Problem!


With temperatures in the 90s, it is easy to forget that fall is here. Fortunately, we have the holiday of Sukkot to remind us that the harvest season has begun. 



New Recipes for the New Year

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, all we can think about are apples and honey!

Rosh Hashanah - “head of the year”- commemorates the creation of the world. Traditionally, apples and honey are eaten to represent our hope for a sweet year of health and peace. Dipping apples in honey is delicious, and here are few creative recipe suggestions to help kick this duo up a notch.


National Coloring Book Day

We love to celebrate here at the JCC, and we also look for any opportunity to be creative. Join us for a coloring break in The Nosh of the Uptown JCC for National Coloring Book Day on August 2. We’ll have a table with crayons and JCC-themed coloring sheets. Can’t make it to the JCC? Download and print our coloring sheets. We’d love to see your artwork, so be sure to tag us and use hashtag #nojcc on social media!


Finding Your Fit Foods

Creating a lifestyle, rather than a diet, will give you the flexibility to make healthy choices while still enjoying what you eat. Sometimes the hardest part about eating healthfully is simply knowing what will taste good without packing on the pounds. Check out some of the healthy recipes recommended by Metairie Wellness Director Alexis Boudreau to get started and get cooking!


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