Take Your Workout to the Water

Published Sunday, November 4, 2018

Working out in the water is a great way to exercise the entire body with little to no impact on your joints. Now at the JCC, we offer pool workout classes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We added more times for current favorites like Aqua Fit and even expanded our offerings to include new aquatics classes.

Classes Offered

This no-impact class is designed to increase your range of motion, improve flexibility, decrease general stiffness, and enhance better balance.

Have fun while increasing muscle strength, building greater flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance in a class that tones both the upper and lower body. Partner activities and exercises with and without equipment performed in rotation with minimal rest.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Aqua Fit focuses on cardio endurance training, shaping and strengthening all muscle groups, and increasing flexibility. All levels welcome. No swimming skills are needed.

This class brings high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, to the water. Expect to see intervals involving cardiovascular drills, balance, and stability exercises.



9:15 AM Aqua Fit with Michele
6:00 PM HIIT the Water with Brittany


8:00 AM Aqua Fit with Michele
9:00 AM Aqua Fit with Michele
12:00 PM Aqua Cardio Fun with Debra H.


8:00 AM Aqua Cardio Fun with Debra H.
12:00 PM Aqua Fit with Shauna


8:15 AM Aqua Fit with Michele
6:00 PM Aqua Fit with Alicia


9:00 AM Aqua Fit with Michele
12:00 PM Aqua Balance with Debra M.

 All classes are included in Gold Universal membership. Drop-in rates for Silver or non-members are $15/class. Have additional questions? Email Winnie Rubin.


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