Creating Eight New Memories for Chanukah

Published Sunday, December 2, 2018

Between soccer practice and getting ready for bed, Chanukah can sometimes feel like another thing we have to do at the end of the day. Lighting the candles, reciting the prayers, and exchanging gifts can become a rushed experience instead of a holiday celebrated with family. This year let’s create eight nights of memories instead of eight days of gifts. Spend each night doing something special with your family to make it a Chanukah to remember.

Night 1:

Family Game Night Break out Candyland, Connect 4, Spot It, or a brand new game and spend some time all playing together. Let each child pick out the game he or she would like to share with the family.

Night 2:

Read a book together. When’s the last time the entire family sat and listened to a book together? Some family favorites for all ages include The Book With No Pictures, Press Here, Mustache Baby, and The Day the Crayons Quit.

Night 3:

Pizza Night. Celebrate the oil in the Chanukah story by eating delicious cheesy pizza. Not cooking on a weeknight is an automatic celebration.

Night 4:

Joke Contest. Tell each family member in the morning to prepare his or her favorite joke to share with the family that evening. Whoever gets the biggest laugh can light the candles using the shamash.  

Night 5:

Celebrate Chanukah in the morning one day by having donuts for breakfast or if you are really adventurous try to make your own sufgainyot. For the adults add a special coffee drink to get your morning going.

Night 6:

Craft night. Make Chanukah cards and give them to each other. Make a few extra to send to out of town relatives, friends, teachers, and anyone else you want to celebrate with!

Night 7:

Cook together. Have the children decide on the menu with some guidelines (otherwise you might be having chocolate pasta for dinner). Work together to cut the vegetables, stir the pasta, and add the finishing touches to each dish. After dinner, if you’re up for it try making some Chanukah cookies or another yummy treat.

Night 8:

Call relatives. Make grandpa, grandma, or Aunt Joan’s night by having the whole family give them a call. You can tell them all about your new eight nights of memories. Don’t forget to wish them a Happy Chanukah!

Oh, and don't forget to join us for our Community Chanukah Celebration on Sunday, December 9!

By turning each night into something special Chanukah becomes more than another night of presents but quality family time spent together.


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