15 Tips for a Fun, Safe Swim Season

Published Friday, May 10, 2019

The JCC pools are open for the summer season! We’ve put together a few reminders and tips to help make sure you have a safe, fun-filled summer swim season here at the J.

1. Make sure you’re a member!
Be sure you’re an active member in good standing so you can enjoy the pool. If you canceled your membership after last summer, you can rejoin for just $75 plus prorated dues.

2. Bring a towel.
We do not offer towel service for the pools, so be sure to pack a towel to dry off after you take a dip. If you forget, we have towels available for purchase for $5 at the fitness desk.

3. Protect yourself and your family from the sun.
Lather up with at least SPF 15 before stepping out in that bright New Orleans sunshine. We also offer several shaded areas to provide respite from the bright UV rays. Hats, protective clothing, and sunglasses are also great tools to help you fight the harmful effects of sun exposure.

4. Bring a bag for wet clothes.
Protect your personal items by bringing a bag for wet clothes. This also helps us keep our indoor areas dry and safe from potential slipping hazards.

5. Here for some Vitamin D?
If you’re coming to the pool to work on your tan lines more than your swim strokes, be sure to come early and snag a lounge chair. Our pool is a popular place to cool off during the summer and we want to make sure you can find a spot.

6. Remind your kids about our swim skills assessment.
All children ages 5 - 12 will be tested by a lifeguard to determine swim skill level. To pass, a child must swim the length of the pool without standing and tread water for 45 seconds straight without a break. Children who pass are given a green armband and can swim without an adult with them in the pool. When they pass, be sure to celebrate their green band! Without a green band, be sure to stay within arm's length of your child.

7. Familiarize yourself with the pool hours.
You don’t want to be that person who accidentally sets off the pool alarm, do you? Be sure you are familiar with the pool hours as they change a few times throughout the season. Want to keep a cheat sheet on your fridge? Download and print our 2019 schedule or save it to your phone for quick reference. (Click here for Metairie)

8. It’s not too late for swim lessons.
We offer swim lessons all year long! If you haven’t been able to fit them into your schedule yet, no need to fret. Complete our swim lesson inquiry form to get matched up with a certified instructor.

9. Remember the 15-minute rule for inclement weather.
After lightening or thunder, the JCC evacuates the pool for 15 minutes to ensure the safety of swimmers. Take some time to grab a snack or take a quick poolside nap.

10. No glass. We repeat, NO GLASS.
Glass of any kind, even glass baby bottles, are an extreme hazard that can cause a pool closure. Please do not bring glass of any kind to the pool.

11. Want to bring a friend?
We allow guests to come with you up to three times per year. They must remain with you at all times while at the facility. Check out our guest policies to be prepared for their visit.

12. Get to know your lifeguards.
Introduce yourself! They will be around all summer to keep you safe and can also help you with a number of things around the pool. Most importantly, listen to them!

13. Bring cash or card for snacks.
Kvetchy’s will follow our summer pool hours, so be sure you bring cash or a card to grab a poolside snack or meal. We also have vending machines inside the Nosh for smaller snacks and beverages.

14. Prefer a kid-free pool?
Did you know that we offer adult-only lap swimming before the pool opens to families? Check our pool schedule for times. Plus, you can always hop in the indoor pool if you are a Gold member!

15. Have fun!
Put those phones down and enjoy the moment. Make long-lasting memories with your family and friends at the JCC pool.

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