Pilates for Arthritis

Published Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Did you know that Arthritis affects nearly 1/2 of individuals over the age of 65?  As we age, we lose fluid in our joints leading to stiffness and immobility, causing fatigue, inflammation, and chronic pain. Poor body alignment and excess body weight put major stress on your joints, causing the cartilage to break down faster. In fact, for every 10 pounds of extra body weight you carry, your risk of arthritis increases 1.4 times.  While it is tempting to get a prescription to deal with symptoms, the Arthritis Foundation has recommended that "Movement is the Best Medicine."

Joseph Pilates also believed that movement heals.  Studies show that 75 percent of individuals who practice 1 hour of Pilates weekly see a reduction in chronic pain in 6 weeks.  Pilates teaches individuals how to move through daily life using their core so the body is balanced and the spine is in healthy alignment.  It offers stretch, strength, and stability in a low-impact environment to increase blood flow to the muscles and joints. The result? Less aches, tension, tightness, and inflammation!

Through Pilates, you will gain flexibility, decrease fatigue, improve balance, lose weight and obtain an overall sense of well being.  While many therapies "spot-treat" symptoms and target specific parts of the body, Pilates teaches breathing and movement principles that benefit and heal the entire body from the inside out.  Pilates will not make existing pain worse or joints more painful but instead will increase the quality of life. In fact, clients who come in complaining of stiff joints and soreness often leave feeling markedly better with less pain and more energy.  You see, when the physical body sees improvement, mental health will improve as well.

Want to learn more about Pilates at the JCC?  We offer several options for individuals wanting to get started.

Group Mat Pilates

Pilates mat work is the basis for the entire system of Pilates.  These classes utilize the body weight for exercises, with the majority of the class time spent lying on the mat and working the abdominals and spine.

Uptown Group Ex Schedule

Metairie Group Ex Schedule

Small Group Reformer Class

The reformer is a moving piece of equipment created by Joseph Pilates that incorporates the use of springs to create resistance during exercises to quickly increase strength and correct muscular imbalances. Classes are small (max 6 ppl) so that each client can receive individualized attention and hands-on instruction.

Reformer Schedule

Semi-Private and Private Reformer Sessions

These sessions are ideal for individuals who are looking for a custom workout to tailor their needs and address specific issues. During a private session, clients will have access to additional Pilates apparatuses to take their practice to the next level (Tower, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector). The instructor can focus on client form and make modifications for those dealing with acute or chronic pain, all while giving a healing and effective workout.

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