Metairie Summer Campers Get Creative

Published Wednesday, June 19, 2019

This summer in Metairie, our campers had the opportunity to get creative with local artist Mandy Hernaez. Mandy specializes in illustration, brand identities, murals, and live event art. See below for a log of activities and photos from her visit. 

Want to learn more about Mandy? Visit her website,

Shine your light | by: Mandy Hernaez

My week teaching the arts program at the JCC concentrated on sustainability and the impact that creativity and art can have on real-world issues. I wanted to do something that not only involved crafts but also got the kids thinking of how they could use their artistic talents and skills to make the world a better place.

Day One:

The first day we decorated reusable canvas bags with messages about saving the environment. After learning about the harmful effects of using plastic bags, the kids were encouraged to either use or give their bags to anyone who needed a beautiful reminder.

Day Two:

This project was an effort to be mindful of the waste that we produce and how we can transform it. We repurposed scrap paper, magazines, direct mailers, coupon books, etc to create imaginative collages on postcards.

I talked briefly about Thomas Deininger — an artist who creates mind-bending optical illusions with found materials. We used his work as inspiration for collages. 

Days Three, Four and Five:

The last big project was the mural where the whole class came together to create something beautiful. We transformed the space with vivid colors and a message that inspires future classes to use their creativity and ideas to impact their communities. Everyone signed their name on the wall at the end.


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