We’re Open! Members Share What It’s Like Returning to the JCC

Published Tuesday, September 22, 2020 12:00 pm

After two months of closed doors and virtual-only programming, the New Orleans JCC reopened to fitness members at the end of May. We also introduced new protocols, cleaning requirements, and reservations to help make the fitness center as clean and safe as possible for our members and staff. We know this has been an adjustment, and we are so grateful to see our members in person again.

We value how much being back at the J means to our community and are so appreciative of the feedback we have received. A few of our regular members were kind enough to share their experience coming back to the J after quarantine. 

"I depend on the JCC for floor and cardio exercise, lifting weight, swimming, and, above all, helping my knowledge and practice of my physical and mental wellbeing. During this new normal period, I feel very well guarded and protected due to safety procedures kept there.

The incredible thing about the JCC is the sense of community I strongly feel there in terms of security and cleanliness and safety and help. I strongly believe in the services the JCC provides. Gracias!" 

-Juan Barroso VIII

"The pandemic is so hard on everyone. One of the hardest parts is the feeling of isolation. The JCC is one of the only remnants from the past where one can go and feel some feelings of normalcy. Thank you to all of you for making that happen."

-Jackie Stern

"The sense of normalcy has been a mental savior. Just getting back to something that was very normal in our lives and was taken away has been really great. The facility has always been clean, but I’ve seen staff clean equipment even after members wipe it down. The new procedures along with the mask requirement make me feel safe when I’m at the JCC."

-Sebastien Bonnot 

*Did you catch Sebastien on the news? Watch him talk about working out with a mask here.

"When the JCC closed in March due to COVID-19, I had to transition my workouts to the park and home. I was able to run a few times a week at Audubon Park and managed to do some yoga and light weight lifting at home. When the JCC re-opened At the end of May I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go back. But, I was bored with my at-home routine and I felt that for my mental health it was time for me to get back to some normalcy and I really missed my JCC community. I was nervous at first, but I’m glad I made the decision to come back. I have felt very safe and secure and feel like the JCC has gone above and beyond to keep their members and staff safe. I especially like that you sign up online and that spots are limited. Everyone must wear a mask even when using the equipment. All machines are wiped off before and after use and the cardio room has every other machine blocked off for social distancing. I feel that the risk is low compared to the benefits that I’m receiving both in my physical health and my mental health." 

-Peggy Myers

"Of course I didn’t realize how much I appreciated the JCC until it was gone when COVID shut it down last spring. Suddenly my daily visit to the fitness center and weekly Pickleball games were taken away. While I was grateful for the devoted instructors who provided Facebook Live classes to inspire me to keep up an exercise routine, when the fitness center opened again, I was first in line for the Zero Runner machine, where I can close my eyes and pretend I am still able to run. The fitness staff disinfects the equipment before and after every use, and when not in use they clean it again. Bonus: distance guidelines not only mean safety for everyone but also no waiting for machines or equipment." 

-Susan Norwood

"I am writing to commend the JCC staff on their excellent effort to make the fitness center as safe as possible. Despite being at age-related risk, I go to the JCC 4 times a week. AND my fellow gym rats are as conscientious about masking and wiping down the equipment as the staff." 

-Webb Offutt

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