Get Connected for Cardio

Explore the features of our networked Precor consoles

Published Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Our cardio facilities feature a diverse selection of networked machines to keep you connected and entertained during your workouts. Here's what you can expect when using one of our Precor machines, which are equipped with networked Preva consoles.

Connected Features


"Escape" to the gym with RunTV, where inspiring, fitness-centric media and entertainment delivers an engaging workout every time. Multiple channels offer motivating, human-powered stories, training tips from fitness experts, and stunning interactive trails that sync with the cardio lower for challenging, runs, rides, and climbs in some of the world’s most iconic locations. 

Media & Entertainment 

Watch live TV by easily scrolling the channel list on the left to find your selection while previewing the content on the right. Access personal audio and video entertainment apps, like Netflix®, Hulu®, and Spotify® through the Precor touch screen consoles.  

Preva Personal Account

With a Preva personal account, you can set and track weekly workout goals, receive fun achievement badges, and save favorite workouts to do another time. You can also control the layout of apps and entertainment so your favorites come first.

Getting Started

1) Create a Preva account 

This will only take a couple of minutes and will require an email address and password. You can create an account directly on the Preva console, or online at

2) Enable Single Sign-On

Link your entertainment apps to your Preva account. The first time you sign in to Netflix, Spotify or the other entertainment apps, you’ll be asked if you want to link them to your Preva account. Reply ‘yes’ and you’ll have single sign-on. You’ll have the convenience of one login for everything.

3) Connect Your Device

Our Precor machines areBluetooth® enabled, so be sure your settings show your device as discoverable. Quickly and easily pair your Bluetooth® headphones to the cardio console to enjoy tether-free audio. You can also use your device to sign in to your Preva personal account on the Precor touch screen console.


Create a Preva Account



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