Summer Camp Staff Jobs

Camp is full of fun and excitement, but it is so much more. Camp challenges children, keeps them engaged, develops creativity and their talents, and expands their horizons. It's also a great place for counselors to gain valuable leadership skills and work experience. 

We are not yet accepting applications for 2020 summer camp; however, we have opportunities throughout the year to help with other programs. If you are interested, email Gary Brandt (Uptown) or Jessica Sintes (Metairie)


Head Counselors (Ages 21+)

Head Counselors are the staff leader for each camp group. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age with some college experience and have at least 2 years experience with children OR 4 or more years of camping experience. Seeking creative and organized candidates. Main responsibilities include: developing classroom activities, serving as the primary responder to all behavioral issues, mediating conflicts, and working with the camp directors to initiate communication with parents. Also responsible for knowing each camper’s special needs. Must be comfortable directing and supervising support staff of varying ages. Applicants are expected to engage in specialist-led activities, actively participate in swim time, and aid lifeguards in ensuring pool safety. Head Counselors report directly to the Camp Directors and must commit to the full 8 week camp season. Salary is based on experience. 

Senior Counselors (Ages 18+)

Senior Counselors must be at least 18 years of age with at least 2 years experience working with young children. Primary responsibilities include: assisting the Head Counselor with daily activities and conflict management, paying close attention to camper dynamics, adding to camp morale and spirit, reporting all incidents and important observations to the Head Counselor. Applicants are expected to engage in specialist activities, actively participate in swim time, and aid lifeguards in ensuring pool safety. Senior counselors act as mentors to Junior Counselors and Counselors-in-Training setting a positive and proactive example. The position reports directly to the Head Counselor, salary is based on experience. 

Junior Counselors (Entering 11th or 12th grade)

Applicants entering the 11th or 12th grade are eligible to apply to be a Junior Counselor. At least one year experience working with children is preferred. Seeking high-energy, enthusiastic, creative, and flexible candidates. Junior Counselors brainstorm ideas for rainy day activities and help to implement them. Applicants are expected to engage in specialist activities, actively participate in swim time, and aid lifeguards in ensuring pool safety. Junior Counselors are supervised by their Head Counselor as well as camp directors.

Counselors-In-Training (Ages 14+, must be members)

JCC Members entering the 9th or 10th grade and at least 14-years-old are eligible to apply for a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Position. As part of the camp staff, CITs serve as the support for camp groups in all daily activities. CITs are vital in bridging the gap between camper and counselor. CITs are the closest in age to campers, and are expected to act as role models and provide guidance. CITs participate in all staff training sessions, attend all mandatory events, and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Applicants are expected to engage in specialist activities, actively participate in swim time, and aid lifeguards in ensuring pool safety. Skills required: an open-minded attitude, desire to learn, responsibility, creativity, and enthusiasm. CITs must commit to a minimum of four consecutive weeks with the JCC and can elect to receive a stipend or volunteer hours for their hard work and dedication upon the successful completion of the program.

Throughout a summer session at the JCC, CITs will: 

-Provide direct support throughout the camp day to the counselors in their group

-Directly engage in all group activities with campers

-Assist as a runner during Afternoon Carpool each day

-Welcome all campers enthusiastically each morning 

-Attend 2 weekly development meetings with the Camp Program Manager 

-Lead group activities, games, cheers, etc with their group

-Learn new ways to manage behavior and camper group dynamics

-Swim in the pool each day with campers 

-Bring energy and positivity to their group at all times 


CITs who complete a four or eight-week session at the JCC will gain new skills in group management, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, staff collaboration, cultural competency, inclusion, and more. Successful CITs will finish the summer with a new sense of confidence in their abilities as a leader, and a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful employee. A JCC CIT will finish the program ready to take on new challenges during the school year. The goal of the CIT program is to prepare CITs to move on to higher levels of responsibility in the following summer. Check out this article from the American Camp Association explaining the skills which CITs gain: "The Development of Leadership Among Counselors-in-Training." 



The specialist positions for the JCC camp include Art, Drama, Yoga, Athletics, Music, and Photography/Videography.  Specialists are responsible for planning age-appropriate activities within their specialty for children ages 2 – 11 for 45-minute blocks. Applicants must commit to the full 8 week camp season.


Why work for camp?

You will supervise others and have the opportunity to engage in decision-making, behavior management, and ethics.

Life skills
Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are critical for success in today's world. These skills are all developed at camp.

Connections to camp staff and alumni can link you to internships and job opportunities in a variety of career paths.

Camp directors write great letters of recommendation because they take time to get to know you as an individual and see you on a daily basis.


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