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The New Orleans JCC is a state-of-the-art fitness center and pool, a leader in New Orleans early childhood education, a fun-filled summer day camp and so much more. It is a place for adults to take an exercise class, an art class or dance class. A place for children and teens to experience learning through enrichment classes, sports leagues, family activities, and summer camps. The JCC is built on Jewish values, but is welcome to everyone.


The mission of the Greater New Orleans Jewish Community Center is to promote and ensure the well-being of our Jewish community and to instill an understanding of Judaism and its heritage by providing a Center where all can enjoy, learn, experience and share in quality activities in a Jewish environment.


The Jewish Community Center’s long, rich history dates back to 1855 when the Young Men’s Hebrew and Literary Society was formed. In 1891, the Young Men’s Hebrew Association was organized by members of the fashionable Harmony Club. They erected a building in 1895 on the corner of Clio Street and St. Charles Avenue, which was used by citizens of New Orleans for debates and musical activities. In 1939, the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association opened a new building on Clio Street to replace the original, which was destroyed by fire..

A second fire in 1947 destroyed that building. In 1948, the agency relocated to the Jewish Children’s Home at 5342 St. Charles Avenue and changed its name to the Jewish Community Center of New Orleans. The agency’s facility remained a part of the Jewish Children’s Home until 1966 when that building was replaced by the present facility. A $4 million renovation of the Uptown facility was completed in 1997. In 1986, a satellite facility was established in Metairie to better serve the membership. The Center continues to serve the Metairie members with the state-of-the-art facility, opened January 2003 at 3747 W. Esplanade. The Jewish Community Center continues to serve the entire New Orleans community with quality programming in the areas of pre-school education, physical education, public affairs, political forums, lectures, and, especially, Jewish education.


Peter E. Sperling, President
Lee Sucherman, Executive Vice President
Aimee K. Bain, Vice President
Jonathan P. Friedman, Treasurer
Richard I. Buchsbaum, Ex-Officio


Scott Barron
Cathy Kanter Bart
Marilyn Bernstein
Barri M. Bronston
Gabe Feldman
Mara Baumgarten Force
Rebecca H. Friedman
Laura L. Fuhrman
David Israel
Walker Jones
Nathan Kanter
Andrew Katz
Judith K. Kiefer
Sara Kottle
Emily Kupperman
Joshua Lichtman
Benjamin Lowenburg
Jedd Malish
Clifford Mintz
Brad Rosenblat
Debbie Schlackman
Jeremy Soso
Joanna Sternberg
Jason A. White
Ginny Wise


Phyllis Z. Alltmont
Joseph Bernstein
Allan Bissinger
Perry S. Brown
Cathy S. Glaser
Lisa G. Herman
Brian D. Katz
Morton H. Katz
Robert A. Kutcher
Weezie Rosenblum Margolis
Naomi S. Orlansky
Jeffrey A. Schwartz
Kathryn F. Shepard
Jane Steiner
Toni L. Weiss
Thomas M. Wolf


Upcoming Community Chanukah Celebration

Nefesh Mountain, a Jewish bluegrass ensemble, will brighten the Mintz Auditorium with soulful folk-inspired music.


NOLA Grannies Project Visits the Uptown JCC

Grandmothers seem to have one thing in common: they refuse to tolerate anything or anybody messing with their loved ones. And that’s just what a group of ten grannies from New Orleans did when they heard about trouble at the border for families seeking asylum.


Creating Eight New Memories for Chanukah

This year let’s create eight nights of memories instead of eight days of gifts. 


BINGO! Chanukah Edition

This year, we’re bringing the Chanukah celebrations to the fitness center with Chanukah BINGO. Get out of your comfort zone, make new friends, and learn more about everything the JCC offers.


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