Active Adults

Research proves the lifelong importance of exercising body and mind. For adults 60+, the JCC offers resources to keep you engaged. Drawing on decades of experience — and input from JCC members — activities are available that address the social, cultural and physical needs. Until we can meet in person, join us for exercise, discussions, book clubs, and more virtually!

For Uptown information, email Rachel Ruth or call 897-0143. For Metairie information, contact Wendy Goldberg or call 887-5158.

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Virtual Exercise Class

Designed for seniors at all levels and abilities, this class involves stretching and strength training. Either exercise from a chair or standing, according to your comfort level. Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Since we aren't able to meet in person at this time, we are offering classes online. Join our JCC Fitness Facebook group to access Chair Exercise via Facebook Live and visit for our complete schedule of online fitness classes and other helpful resources.
Mondays, 10:45 AM
Senior Chair Stretch with Michele
Wednesdays, 10:45 AM
Senior Chair Stretch with Monica
Fridays, 10:45 AM
Senior Chair Staying Fit with Patricia
Virtual J Classes and Resources

Book Club

Typically meeting the second Tuesday of each month at the Uptown JCC, the JCC Book Club offers engaging and insightful discussions in a laid back environment. Free and open to the community - all are welcome. Books are available for purchase at our neighborhood partner bookstore, Octavia Books.

All JCC Book Club discussions are now held virtually. For more information, please contact Judy Yaillen. If you would like to be placed on our Book Club email list, send an email to Beth Orgeron with your request.

1:30 - 2:30 PM | Free and open to the community
No charge members and non-members

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Meeting ID: 846 4355 9341
Zoom Password: jccbooks

August 18

The Convert by Stefan Hertmans

In this dazzling work of historical fiction, the Man Booker International–long-listed author of War and Turpentine reconstructs the tragic story of a medieval noblewoman who leaves her home and family for the love of a Jewish boy.

In eleventh-century France, Vigdis Adelaïs, a young woman from a prosperous Christian family, falls in love with David Todros, a rabbi’s son and yeshiva student. To be together, the couple must flee their city, and Vigdis must renounce her life of privilege and comfort. Pursued by her father’s knights and in constant danger of betrayal, the lovers embark on a dangerous journey to the south of France, only to find their brief happiness destroyed by the vicious wave of anti-Semitism sweeping through Europe with the onset of the First Crusade.
What begins as a story of forbidden love evolves into a globe-trotting trek spanning continents, as Vigdis undertakes an epic journey to Cairo and back, enduring the unimaginable in hopes of finding her lost children.
Based on two fragments from the Cairo Genizah—a repository of more than three hundred thousand manuscripts and documents stored in the upper chamber of a synagogue in Old Cairo—Stefan Hertmans has pieced together a remarkable work of imagination, re-creating the tragic story of two star-crossed lovers whose steps he retraces almost a millennium later. Blending fact and fiction, and with immense imagination and stylistic ingenuity, Hertmans painstakingly depicts Vigdis’ terrible trials, bringing the Middle Ages to life and illuminating a chaotic world of love and hate.

Reviewed by Rabbi Josh Pernik, Congregation Beth Israel

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September 15

The First Mrs. Rothschild by Sara Aharoni

In this award-winning historical saga, passionate young lovers in a Jewish ghetto rise to become the foremost financial dynasty in the world.

It is the turn of the eighteenth century in Frankfurt, Germany, and young Gutle and Meir Amschel Rothschild struggle to establish themselves in the cramped and restricted Judengasse. But when Meir’s talents as a novice banker catch the attention of a German prince, Meir is suddenly afforded entrée into the European world of finance and nobility, and the Rothschilds’ lives are changed forever. As proud as Gutle is of her husband’s success, she is also cautious—very much aware of the fact that her husband’s rise is tied to his patrons’ willingness to “see past” his Jewishness. As their family grows, and a dream of fortune comes true, so does their belief that money will ultimately bring the power needed to establish Jewish civil rights.

Told through Gutle’s intimate journals, revealed across decades—from the French Revolution through personal tragedies and triumphs—The First Mrs. Rothschild paints a rich and intimate tapestry of family drama, world-changing history, and one woman’s steadfast strength.

Reviewed by Judy Yaillen, New Orleans JCC Director of Jewish Family Life

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Lunch & Learn

Join us via Zoom for our monthly lunch and learn as we discuss interesting topics with a local Jewish professional. This month it’s Rabbi Deborah Silver from Shir Chadash.

Thursday, September 3
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
No charge members and non-members

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Morris Bart, Sr. Lecture Series

Girl in Black and White:
The Story of Mary Mildred Williams and the Abolition Movement
Jessie Morgan-Owens, PhD Dean of Studies, Bard Early College in New Orleans
In her first book, a 2020 finalist for the Lincoln Prize, Jessie Morgan-Owens tells the little-known story of Mary Mildred Williams—a slave girl who looked “white” and whose image was used for political purposes. Mary became the face of American slavery, when Senator Charles Sumner saw in her a monumental political opportunity for the abolitionist cause. In doing so, he tried to "gain sympathy of like to like," and in so doing, he perpetuated "the racial hierarchy that made slavery possible in the first place." Weaving together long-overlooked primary sources and arresting images, this history follows Mary's untold history through to her own adulthood. This lecture will look at politicized images, and consider their role in anti-racist activism.
Monday, September 14
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
No charge members and non-members

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A Glimpse at the Strange and Wondrous World of Elephant Medicine
Despite their long history with humans as religious icons, in popular culture and children's literature, and even as work and war animals, elephants remain an enigma. From their massive size to their unique physiology to their intelligence, elephants remain a challenge for those who seek to study or work with them. As poaching, human-elephant conflict and habitat loss take their toll on wild populations, while struggles with reproduction, disease, and divisive politics affect those in human care, elephants more than ever need to be appreciated and understood as the remarkable creatures they are. Dr Ellen Wiedner, VMD, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACZM, Dipl. ECZM, has been a veterinarian for 20 years and has worked with elephants worldwide for the past 15 years. In this talk, she discusses how to provide routine and emergency care to 20,000-pound animals, as well as how we can improve the future outlook for these extraordinary creatures.
Wednesday, September 22
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
No charge members and non-members

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
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JCC Seniors Benefit from City's Meal Assistance Program

New Orleans JCC seniors enjoy local food from a cost-sharing collaboration with FEMA and the City of New Orleans. Fresh, nutritious meals are being prepared by more than 100 local restaurants through the Chef’s Brigade coalition along with Revolution Foods.


New Orleans JCC Campers March for Kindness

Uptown summer campers demonstrated the importance of being kind and loving others during the 4th annual Kindness March.


Celebrating Freedom and Serving Others

Independence Day, so often equated with fireworks, cookouts, and summer sales also has an important and meaningful history. It not only commemorates the birth of our country, but also celebrates the freedoms that have enabled the Jewish community in the U.S. to thrive.


A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance and Hope

Join the New Orleans JCC and 60 other museums and cultural institutions around the world for We Are Here: A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance, and Hope on Sunday, June 14 at 1:00 PM CST. 


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