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The New Orleans JCC is not only a place where you build stronger relationships with your family and friends, but where you help build a stronger, healthier community. Invest in the JCC to make an impact on and improve the lives of others in the community. 

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In appreciation of our donors, May - august 2019

ACE Fund

In memory of Cathy Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haspel

Arlene D. Barron Endowment Fund

in honor of Peggy Cohn’s 90th birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barron

Capital Campaign Fund

Virginia Wise and Kevin Wilkins

in memory of Allan H. Bissinger
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Fischman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barron

in honor of Leon Pesses’ 70th birthday
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Fischman

Goldring Fitness Center Equipment Fund

in memory of Jane Fitzpatrick's mother
Naomi Glade

JCC Nursery School Fund

in memory of Mrs. Joel Myers
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Fischman

JCC Seniors Club Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haspel

in memory of Winkie Hymel
Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman III

in memory of J.D. Demarest
Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman III

Kovod Fund

In honor of the anniversary of Carol and Sam Schudmak
Joy Stahl

Mrs. Maurice Handelman

Mr. Steven Jacobson

In memory of Allan Bissinger
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rabin
JB Charitable Fund – Brent Barriere and Judy Barrasso

Mrs. Harold W. Bohn

in honor of Molly and Josh Schneider’s birthdays
Nicole Newhouse

in honor of Lance Turkish’s birthday
Jacquelyn and Chuck Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Pesses

Ms. Theresa Taylor

Krieger Senior Citizen Transportation Fund

in memory of Michael Sclar
Mrs. Mildred Krieger

In honor of Phyllis Loubier’s birthday
Dena Grenell

in memory of Mildred Krieger
Gayle and Jacob Cohen
Mrs. Julie Eiben
Janet and Mark Fagan
Shelley and John Hebert
Beatrice and Theodore Hirsh
Celia Katz
Ms. Barrie Keller
Wilfred M. Kullman, Jr.
Ms. Nina Silverstein
Pam Staples

Marks Park Fund

in honor of Carol Good’s 90th birthday
Melanie and Sam Zurik, Jr.

in honor of Marciann Marks
Mrs. Robyn A. Nowak

Allen Marks Designated Fund

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