TRX Suspension Training

Using functional movements and bodyweight-based resistance, TRX Suspension Training, and Rip Training provide total-body workouts that activate all your muscles at once to build strength, mobility, and endurance.

Why Suspension Training?

  • Tone and lose weight
  • Get stronger
  • Improve performance
  • Workouts are fast, effective, and fun
  • All levels, all goals


Purchase one class for $18 or a six-class package for $90. Classes are available to members.

10:30 AM TRX Shred (Lori)

6:00 PM TRX Circuit (Alicia)

10:30 AM TRX Shred (Lori)

10:00 AM TRX Circuit (Alicia)

Book A Class Uptown

How to Purchase & Book Uptown

Pay for one class when you book or buy a package in advance.

How to Buy A PACKAGE

  1. Log in to your Online Member Services account
  2. Select "Account Information"
  3. Select "Buy Series Sales"
  4. For Module, select "Group Exercise"
  5. Highlight one of the TRX class names and select "Submit"
  6. The packages available will appear. Check the box to the left of the package name and select "Add to Cart"
  7. Complete payment information and select "Submit Payment"


  1. Log in to your Online Member Services account
  2. Select "Group Ex"
  3. Select "Small Group Training" as your category
  4. Click on the circle to the right of "Tomorrow" and select a search date by clicking on the calendar icon
  5. Select "Search"
  6. Click on the TRX class you would like to sign up for and select "Enroll"
  7. If you have already purchased a 6-pack, one class will be deducted from this package. If you would like to purchase a single class, select "Check Out" and it will prompt you to complete payment information and "Submit Payment" 


Taught by certified instructor, Julian Bartholemew, TRX suspension training uses your own body weight for resistance. Each class will engage your core and work all muscle groups. All levels welcome.

A package of Friday classes can be purchased, or purchase individual classes for $15 per class.

Fridays at 6:15 am


Visit the Metairie reception desk to enroll, or use the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Online Member Services account
  2. Select "Programs/Activities"
  3. Select "Sports and Wellness"
  4. Under Metairie SPORTS & FITNESS select “View Programs”
  5. Next to the day of the week you would like to enroll, select “Add to Cart” 
  6. Select the check box next to the member you would like to enroll, then select “Continue to Cart”
  7. Complete billing information, then select “Submit Payment” 

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