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The New Orleans JCC uses two main tools for registration, our Online Member Services (OLS) portal and the New Orleans JCC app.  You must have a separate login for each reservation tool.  


Our Online Member Services (OLS) portal allows you to access important information about your account including past purchases and program registrations. You can update your contact information, pull attendance reports, make payments, and update payment information. You can now also use OLS to book your time at the J for the following:

  • Book a lane for lap swimming Uptown
  • Reserve recreational swimming time 
  • Book time for cardio and weight room areas
  • Book time to play basketball Uptown

Please note that Online Member Services (OLS) works best on a desktop or laptop. 

HOW TO: Create An Account

Create An Online member services (ols) Account

  1. Click Here
  2. Enter the email address associated with your JCC membership (where you receive JCC emails)
  3. Verify your identity with Date of Birth, Account #, or JCC Scan Code
  4. Retrieve the temporary password via email and follow instructions

Having Trouble Accessing Your ols Account?

If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can request new credentials manually. Please note that requests can only be answered during business hours and may have a delay.

Request Credentials

Change Your ols Username

  1. Login
  2. Click on "Account Information"
  3. Select "Change Password"
  4. In the username field, type the username of your choice
  5. Below the user name, it will require you to type your current password in the Old Password, New Password, and Confirm Password fields before allowing you to continue
  6. Click "Update"
  7. Your username will be updated and it will prompt you to log back in
  8. Log back into your account profile to make sure everything is correct

HOW TO: Cancel Reservations

Because capacity slots are limited due to government regulations, please be mindful to cancel your reservation if you cannot attend so that someone else can utilize the spot. 


Recreational swimming reservations can be canceled by email or phone. Email anytime or call  504-897-0143 (Uptown) or 504-887-5158 (Metairie) during regular operating hours to cancel your reservation. The JCC is unable to cancel reservations from voice messages. 

CANCELING cardio, weight room, & lap swimming RESERVATIONS  

  1. Login
  2. Choose “Account Information”
  3. Click on “Reservation Report”
  4. Select the date range of the reservation(s) you wish to cancel. 
  5. Click “Show Report”
  6. Select which reservation(s) you wish to cancel
  7. The “Current Schedule” will come up. Select “Cancel Schedule”
  8. A confirmation prompt will pop-up. Choose “Yes”
  9. The reservation(s) is now canceled

This will work at any time leading up to the reservation.

To cancel a reservation, a member over 18 must login with their unique online login credential.  To cancel  for a family member without online credentials or under age 18, please email or call 504-897-0143 (Uptown) or 504-887-5158 (Metairie). 

Instructional Videos 

How to Use Scheduler to Book Gym Time



The New Orleans JCC app is powered by MindBody, a popular application for booking fitness and wellness services. The app is exclusively used Uptown to book in-person group exercise classes and specialty offerings when available. 

How To Get Started


Verify your Gold membership to ensure you are not charged for group exercise classes and to receive member pricing on specialty offerings. 



Download the New Orleans JCC app and create a MindBody account.



Book a class on the app or online using a desktop browser.


Do I need to sign up for in-person Group Exercise classes that are free with Gold Membership? 
Yes.  Due to capacity limitations, Gold members must sign up in advance.  These classes are still free.  

Is there a minimum number of students in order for a class to take place?
At this time, all classes will take place as long as there is at least one person registered. 

Can I use my MindBody login information to log in to the New Orleans JCC app?
No, you must create a new account for the New Orleans JCC app. If you already use MindBody, you can register for classes at the JCC through theMindBody app by searching New Orleans JCC.

I'm a member. Why does it say that I have to pay for Group Exercise classes?
You MUST complete this Google form so we can verify your membership. Your request will be processed within 12 hours of your submission.

I'm still having issues with my phone. Can I register on a desktop?
You bet. Click here to log in or create a new account.

If you are still having trouble, please contact Andrew Sensi.

Instructional Videos

How to Book a Group Ex Class


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