Online Member Services

The New Orleans JCC uses two main tools for registration, our Online Member Services (OLS) portal and the New Orleans JCC app.  You must have a separate login for each reservation tool.  


Our Online Member Services (OLS) portal allows you to access important information about your account including past purchases and program registrations. You can update your contact information, pull attendance reports, make payments, and update payment information. You can now also use OLS to book your time at the J for the following:

  • Book a lane for lap swimming Uptown
  • Reserve recreational swimming time 
  • Book time for cardio and weight room areas
  • Book time to play basketball Uptown

Please note that Online Member Services (OLS) works best on a desktop or laptop.


The New Orleans JCC app is powered by MindBody, a popular application for booking fitness and wellness services. The app is exclusively used Uptown to book in-person group exercise classes and specialty offerings when available. For more information about the New Orleans JCC app, click here.

Getting started with online member services

Create An Online member services (ols) Account

  1. Click Here
  2. Enter the email address associated with your JCC membership (where you receive JCC emails)
  3. Verify your identity with Date of Birth, Account #, or JCC Scan Code
  4. Retrieve the temporary password via email and follow instructions

Having Trouble Accessing Your ols Account?

If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can request new credentials manually. Please note that requests can only be answered during business hours and may have a delay.

Request Credentials

Change Your ols Username

  1. Login
  2. Click on "Account Information"
  3. Select "Change Password"
  4. In the username field, type the username of your choice
  5. Below the user name, it will require you to type your current password in the Old Password, New Password, and Confirm Password fields before allowing you to continue
  6. Click "Update"
  7. Your username will be updated and it will prompt you to log back in
  8. Log back into your account profile to make sure everything is correct


***NOTE:  These instructions are for Cardio, Weight Room and Lap Swimming.  Recreational Swimming can only be canceled by phone.

  1. Login
  2. Choose “Account Information”
  3. Click on “Reservation Report”
  4. Select the date range of the reservation(s) you wish to cancel. You can also include Sub Members, if desired
  5. Click “Show Report”
  6. Select which reservation(s) you wish to cancel
  7. The “Current Schedule” will come up. Select “Cancel Schedule”
  8. A confirmation prompt will pop-up. Choose “Yes”
  9. The reservation(s) is now canceled

This will work at any time leading up to the reservation.

Instructional videos 

How to Use Scheduler to Book Gym Time



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Uptown summer campers demonstrated the importance of being kind and loving others during the 4th annual Kindness March.


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Independence Day, so often equated with fireworks, cookouts, and summer sales also has an important and meaningful history. It not only commemorates the birth of our country, but also celebrates the freedoms that have enabled the Jewish community in the U.S. to thrive.


A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance and Hope

Join the New Orleans JCC and 60 other museums and cultural institutions around the world for We Are Here: A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance, and Hope on Sunday, June 14 at 1:00 PM CST. 


Loyola Music Therapy Students Create "Radio Show" for JCC ACE Participants

For people with Alzheimer’s, the present can be very confusing, but music from their past can be a great source of comfort. Loyola students recorded a 50s styles radio show for our ACE participants.


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