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The New Orleans JCC is not currently honoring reciprocity due to COVID-19 capacity limitations. 

New Orleans JCC Members
Your J membership is honored at most JCCs anywhere in the United States and Canada. Click here to find a JCC. Please check with the JCC that you plan to visit for their specific policy. 

Visiting JCC Members
Our facility offers up to two weeks reciprocity to individuals who are active members in good standing at another JCC. Proof of membership is required for reciprocity and can be emailed to our membership department

Membership Changes

Our monthly membership option allows flexibility. You may change your category, freeze your membership, or cancel with 30 days notice prior to our draft date.

Request a change to your membership

Membership Freeze

We offer the option to freeze your membership for up to 3 months once per year for personal reasons, or more than 3 months for medical reasons with a physician's note. You must provide notice (written or email) by the 10th of the month you wish to freeze. During the freeze period, you will be assessed a $10 freeze fee for each month your membership is frozen. At the conclusion of the freeze period, your membership will automatically renew and you will be drafted your full membership fee. When requesting a freeze, please indicate how many months you wish to freeze your membership.

Cancellation of Membership

Membership is a minimum of one month plus 30 days to cancel. To cancel a membership, provide 30 days notice (written or email) prior to the 15th of the month you wish to cancel. For example, if you want to cancel as of June 15, written cancellation must be received by May 15. If you wish to rejoin in the future, you will be required to pay a $75 rejoin fee.


Unless you are an annual member, dues are drafted automatically on the 15th of each month.

To update your payment information, login to your account using our Online Member Services (OLS) portal. Click on "Billing Information" and submit your new payment information. 

For questions about your bill, contact Corinne Hebert.

Guest Policies

The New Orleans JCC is currently not accepting guests at this time due to COVID-19 capacity limitations. 

Active New Orleans JCC members may bring guests for a nominal fee. Guests must be accompanied by members at all times. Privileges may only be extended to the same guest three times per year. 

Guest Fees


The New Orleans JCC is currently not allowing visitors at this time due to COVID-19 capacity limitations. 

Access to our facilities is limited to New Orleans JCC staff and active members. Membership is required for entry with the exception of some special events and programs. All non-members are required to sign in and provide current identification. 

The New Orleans JCC does not sell daily passes for use of the facility. The only non-members permitted to use the facility are authorized guests of current members or members of another JCC who have contacted our membership department for reciprocity. The minimum requirement for membership is one month plus 30 days written notice to cancel.

Age Restrictions

Usage of the fitness center is limited to Gold members 16 and older or those who have successfully completed the JCC Teen Fit program. Usage of the upstairs locker rooms is restricted to Gold members 18 and older.

Please see to see the latest updates to our age policies due to COVID-19.

Membership Contacts 

Uptown (5342 St. Charles Avenue)
Taylor Knopf - Membership Director, Uptown

Metairie (3747 W Esplanade Ave)
Katelyn Sileo - Membership Director, Metairie


JCC Seniors Benefit from City's Meal Assistance Program

New Orleans JCC seniors enjoy local food from a cost-sharing collaboration with FEMA and the City of New Orleans. Fresh, nutritious meals are being prepared by more than 100 local restaurants through the Chef’s Brigade coalition along with Revolution Foods.


New Orleans JCC Campers March for Kindness

Uptown summer campers demonstrated the importance of being kind and loving others during the 4th annual Kindness March.


Celebrating Freedom and Serving Others

Independence Day, so often equated with fireworks, cookouts, and summer sales also has an important and meaningful history. It not only commemorates the birth of our country, but also celebrates the freedoms that have enabled the Jewish community in the U.S. to thrive.


A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance and Hope

Join the New Orleans JCC and 60 other museums and cultural institutions around the world for We Are Here: A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance, and Hope on Sunday, June 14 at 1:00 PM CST. 


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